Terms and conditions for use of Reshopper

Reshopper ApS, Inge Lehmannsgade 10, 6th Floor, 8000 Aarhus C, Reg. No. 34711763 (hereafter Reshopper) provides an online service, which facilitates contact between private buyers and sellers of used stuff for kids.

These terms describe yours and Reshopper’s rights and obligations in connection with the service that Reshopper puts to your disposal via the app, Reshopper. These terms also regulate aspects of transactions completed between you and other users on Reshopper.

The conditions become effective in the moment a Reshopper account is created. By creating an account, you agree to our “Terms and Conditions for use of Reshopper” and accept that a legally binding agreement has been established between you and Reshopper.

Reshopper is not responsible for the information and the trades exchanged and made between you and other Reshopper users. The use of Reshopper is at your own risk. Reshopper is not responsible for checking the authenticity of either the users or the items sold on Reshopper.

Reshopper does not commit to being involved in disputes between a buyer and a seller.

Terms of creating a user

To register on Reshopper, you must be able to enter into contracts for goods and services that you might want to bid on or sell. This means that you must be at least 15 years and has the right to dispose of your own resources.

By creating a user at Reshopper, you agree to:

  • being at least 15 years at the establishment of your user
  • comply with local laws including laws regarding online conduct and online trading
  • the misuse of your account resulting from careless use of login information or loss / theft of a device with access to the service is not Reshopper’s responsibility. Reshopper can upon contact prevent access to your account
  • the stored user information is true and correct
  • information on the goods that you sell is true and correct

Creating an ad

You should be aware that all content in your ads, this being the product itself, the product description or any activity or communication made in connection with private transactions or trade, should be in accordance with Danish or other relevant legislation as well as in compliance with Reshopper’s rules in general, as described in these conditions.

When you add photos to your advertisement on Reshopper, you warrant that these pictures are yours and that they do not violate any intellectual property rights of others.

Content and abuse

You agree to use Reshopper exclusively in line with the concept’s purpose: Buying and selling used stuff for kids. You agree that Reshopper is only to be used for purchases and sales between private people on a non-commercial basis. Sales of new / used goods purchased for resale, which aim is to create financial gain for individuals are considered in this context to have a commercial purpose. Any other use is prohibited. This especially concerns:

  • Any commercial use of Reshopper
  • Offers from or advertising for a commercial enterprise
  • Inappropriate, defamatory, threatening, and harassing comments of any kind
  • Sale of animals
  • Upload of images that infringe third party rights, violate privacy or that you do not own the rights to
  • Any kind of negative effect on the performance of Reshopper, for example by uploading large amounts of data
  • Sale of counterfeit goods

Content on Reshopper is published directly and are not checked beforehand. Misleading, offensive, or illegal content can be reported to Reshopper via the app. Content on Reshopper that is contradicting to the concept’s purpose will be removed without further notice.

At anytime, Reshopper reserves the right to close your account if you have acted in breach of these conditions or applicable Danish or other relevant laws.


The products that are available on Reshopper are put up for sale by private users on Reshopper. Terms of the agreement, formation of the agreement, and other aspects hereof is subject to Danish or other relevant law. If you as the seller have accepted a bid, the deal is binding and the agreement should be respected. A bid submitted by the buyer is binding when the seller accepts the price. Reshopper is not a part of the private trade as Reshopper only provides the technical means available for the implementation of such private trade.

Reshopper may, for example in connection with charity or the like, act as a seller of a product. In such cases, it is clearly stated in the advertisement that Reshopper is the selling part.

You and any other user acknowledge by this agreement that Reshopper does not assume responsibility for the seller and buyer behavior in private transactions, or for the goods that seller offers for sale or delivery. Reshopper does under no circumstances enter into user’s obligations if the user breaches any obligations agreed between the parties.

Reshopper’s responsibility

To the extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify Reshopper for any liability that may arise as a result of or in connection with private transactions. Reshopper is nor responsible for the behavior a user shows on the site.

Reshopper does not keep track of, or is responsible for, the quality, safety, or legality of the items subject to a private transactions deal, or that the description is true or accurate, whether the seller has the will and ability to deliver and sell these goods or whether the buyer has the will and ability to pay for it. Reshopper can not control and do not control the termination or validity of private transactions.


Reshopper can not guarantee uninterrupted access to the service but we are doing everything to secure it.
Reshopper can not be held responsible for any lack of access that users may experience.

Contact between you and Reshopper

When you create a Reshopper account you agree that Reshopper may send you electronic inquiries regarding your account and content published by other users on Reshopper.

Creation via Facebook

If you create a Reshopper account via Facebook, Reshopper guarantees never to write anything on your or your friends’ wall. Content can be shared on social networks (including Facebook) by the users themselves.

Loss of membership

Your membership to Reshopper may at any time terminate without notice or cost.


As a Reshopper user, you will regularly receive Reshopper’s newsletter. The newsletter may contain advertisements from other companies. Reshopper can also use your e-mail address to announce updates, information, etc.

Reshopper will not share your information with other companies, as described in Reshoppers “Policy on Protection of Personal Information”, unless you have given explicit consent.

If you would like to unsubscribe the newsletter, you can do so by following the link in the received newsletter.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Reshopper reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Furthermore, the service provided by Reshopper can be changed or terminated at any time. Notification of change will be sent via email or push notification.

Reshopper Ltd.
Inge Lehmannsgade 10, 6th Floor, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, Cvr. 34711763