What can I sell

Reshopper is a marketplace for used things for kids. In other words: You can sell your children’s things, not your own. If you’re unsure, think about what the main audience for the item really is. For this reason, Reshopper is not the place for nursing chairs, leather couches that are child-friendly, coffee machines that are used during maternity leave, exercise equipment, furniture, lamps, etc. These might as well be used in a normal living space.

Can I sell new children’s things?

Yes, you can of course sell things that have never been used, or that you’ve got duplicates of. You may, however, not sell things that you’ve bought for the sake of resale.

I’m the owner of a shop that sells children’s things. Can I sell/advertise things from there?

Reshopper is for buying and selling between individuals on a noncommercial basis, so the answer is no. Selling new/used items that have been purchased for the sake of resale and which aims to create financial gain, is in this context to have a commercial purpose.

Can I buy cheap items at Reshopper and then resell them on Reshopper at a higher price?

No. Reshopper is meant for you to get rid of the things you don’t use and others might get use out of for a reasonable price.

Can I sell things that I produce?

We get many inquiries from users who find it disruptive to see homemade items in the feed, as they often take up a lot of space. This is either because they’re re-posted often or is posted in every category. So if you’d really like to sell your own homemade items; please refrain from advertising for them, don’t repost them and don’t post them in every category.

Can I sell maternity wear?

Yes, you can sell your maternity wear in the Reshopper app.

Can I create ads with text, with for example sales and offers to lure people into my shop?

No, we’d prefer it if you didn’t.

Can I resell free samples or tickets?

No, but feel free to give them away.

Can I resell medications or supplements?