My item was deactivated

There are so many items created daily on Reshopper that we can’t possibly keep up with checking everything that goes up for sale. Therefore, Reshopper users can report an item as inappropriate. If enough users report a single item as inappropriate, it’s automatically deactivated.

Below you can read about the most common reasons items get deactivated.

The item was set up wrong

If you specified an age range of 0-14 years or chose the wrong category, chances are that someone will find it irrelevant in there specific filter. Be precise when you set new items for sale.

The item is not for children

Sofas, lamps and the like can be made for children, but could also easily just be for your own living room.

It’s an advertisement

Either for other items you sell on Reshopper, or things you produce / sell on a commercial basis. Advertising is perceived by many as noise.

You resell new things

If you resell new things purchased cheaply online or purchased in outlets with the purpose of reselling, it’s not ok. Only sell used things, and the occasional mispurchase.