If the deal went wrong

By encouraging people to shop locally, we try to eliminate misunderstandings. Instead of the seller having to send the item, the buyer can see the product before purchasing it and the seller gets their money immediately. Although it’s an annoying situation to be put in, fortunately it’s rare that a deal goes wrong on Reshopper.

Still, what should you do if you end up in the situation where the deal didn’t go as it should have? First of all, it is important to cool down and try to keep a civil dialogue going with the buyer. Usually it can be solved with a little patience. If you haven’t received your money you can assess whether or not the police should be involved, depending on the size and value of the sale.

We are, of course, sorry that you’ve had a bad experience but we hope you understand that we can’t get involved in individual cases. Reshopper only conveys the contact between buyers and sellers and have no part in, or responsibility, for individual deals.

If you have clear evidence against the buyer of misconduct, we’d of course like to see them and assess whether or not the buyer should be banned from using Reshopper.