How to add multiple pictures to one item

When you create a new item, you can add up to five pictures to one item for free. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your item from all good angles. You can also delete the pictures again or change the order in which they appear. See how easy you can add pictures with our tutorial video.

What are credits?

Credits is a currency that can be used to purchase extra features in the Reshopper app. It’s for you who wants to make your items more visible and thereby earn more money.

Right now you have the option to “Up” your items but in the future there will be even more ways to boost your sale.

Reshopper will still be free but we have chosen to give you these extra features so we can continue to build the best app for you.

Only one image per item?

Our goal is to make creating your ad as simple as possible and in the majority of cases, a single image is enough to show the item. However, we understand very well that there might be a need to show details in certain cases so we’re working on offering more pictures.

If the deal went wrong

By encouraging people to shop locally, we try to eliminate misunderstandings. Instead of the seller having to send the item, the buyer can see the product before purchasing it and the seller gets their money immediately. Although it’s an annoying situation to be put in, fortunately it’s rare that a deal goes wrong on Reshopper.

Still, what should you do if you end up in the situation where the deal didn’t go as it should have? First of all, it is important to cool down and try to keep a civil dialogue going with the buyer. Usually it can be solved with a little patience. If you haven’t received your money you can assess whether or not the police should be involved, depending on the size and value of the sale.

We are, of course, sorry that you’ve had a bad experience but we hope you understand that we can’t get involved in individual cases. Reshopper only conveys the contact between buyers and sellers and have no part in, or responsibility, for individual deals.

If you have clear evidence against the buyer of misconduct, we’d of course like to see them and assess whether or not the buyer should be banned from using Reshopper.

My item was deactivated

There are so many items created daily on Reshopper that we can’t possibly keep up with checking everything that goes up for sale. Therefore, Reshopper users can report an item as inappropriate. If enough users report a single item as inappropriate, it’s automatically deactivated.

Below you can read about the most common reasons items get deactivated.

The item was set up wrong

If you specified an age range of 0-14 years or chose the wrong category, chances are that someone will find it irrelevant in there specific filter. Be precise when you set new items for sale.

The item is not for children

Sofas, lamps and the like can be made for children, but could also easily just be for your own living room.

It’s an advertisement

Either for other items you sell on Reshopper, or things you produce / sell on a commercial basis. Advertising is perceived by many as noise.

You resell new things

If you resell new things purchased cheaply online or purchased in outlets with the purpose of reselling, it’s not ok. Only sell used things, and the occasional mispurchase.

What can I sell

Reshopper is a marketplace for used things for kids. In other words: You can sell your children’s things, not your own. If you’re unsure, think about what the main audience for the item really is. For this reason, Reshopper is not the place for nursing chairs, leather couches that are child-friendly, coffee machines that are used during maternity leave, exercise equipment, furniture, lamps, etc. These might as well be used in a normal living space.

Can I sell new children’s things?

Yes, you can of course sell things that have never been used, or that you’ve got duplicates of. You may, however, not sell things that you’ve bought for the sake of resale.

I’m the owner of a shop that sells children’s things. Can I sell/advertise things from there?

Reshopper is for buying and selling between individuals on a noncommercial basis, so the answer is no. Selling new/used items that have been purchased for the sake of resale and which aims to create financial gain, is in this context to have a commercial purpose.

Can I buy cheap items at Reshopper and then resell them on Reshopper at a higher price?

No. Reshopper is meant for you to get rid of the things you don’t use and others might get use out of for a reasonable price.

Can I sell things that I produce?

We get many inquiries from users who find it disruptive to see homemade items in the feed, as they often take up a lot of space. This is either because they’re re-posted often or is posted in every category. So if you’d really like to sell your own homemade items; please refrain from advertising for them, don’t repost them and don’t post them in every category.

Can I sell maternity wear?

Yes, you can sell your maternity wear in the Reshopper app.

Can I create ads with text, with for example sales and offers to lure people into my shop?

No, we’d prefer it if you didn’t.

Can I resell free samples or tickets?

No, but feel free to give them away.

Can I resell medications or supplements?


How to be a considerate buyer

It feels good to get a great deal. This doesn’t necessarily only apply to you as a buyer, however. There are a few things you can do to ensure that the deal is a good experience for both you and the seller.


The average value of children’s used items is relatively low. The seller’s profit are in many cases limited and most sellers view the act of selling as putting the items back in rotation, instead of storing or throwing them out. It’s good for the environment and for you as a buyer. This makes it important that the seller’s efforts are not overshadowed by the amount of time it takes to sell an item.

About bidding

Many Reshoppers price their items realistically. Because of this you might want to consider whether or not it’s appropriate to ask the seller to lower their price. If the item is reasonably priced, it’s not necessary to ask the seller for a discount, solely for the sake of getting a discount.

About shipping

Reshopper is a local marketplace where you meet face-to-face instead of mailing items. This is the reason many people are selling their children’s things on Reshopper; it saves time. They don’t expect to be asked if they’re able to ship. So please refrain from asking the seller to ship items.

Questions about the item

You may have a question or two about an item but if you have a lot of questions about it, you should consider whether or not it’s quicker to just swing by and take a look at it.

The deal went wrong


As a basic principle Reshopper only conveys the contact between buyers and sellers. Because of this, we don’t meddle with individual deals – or in the case of a deal gone wrong.

Reshopper is based on the idea that buyers and sellers meet to finalize the deal. We therefore strongly recommend that our users meet when closing the deal, in order to avoid misunderstandings about the items appearance, size and condition. That way the buyer can see what the condition of the item is and the seller gets the money right away without the pitfalls of sending items and transferring money to strangers.

We’d like to urge that disagreements between buyers and sellers are discussed privately and to act civil.

I never received the items sent to me

Reshopper is built on the idea that items should not be sent by mail to avoid situations where the item or payment doesn’t reach it’s destination.

However if you still agreed with the seller that the items should be sent and does not arrive, you can do the following:

  1. Contact the seller again and demand the items be sent
  2. If the amount is large enough you can file a report with the police

Transferring money to a stranger is risky. The only way to get money back is to go to court and it is both time consuming and expensive.

We can only strongly recommend that you meet face to face to finalize the deal.