The deal went wrong


As a basic principle Reshopper only conveys the contact between buyers and sellers. Because of this, we don’t meddle with individual deals – or in the case of a deal gone wrong.

Reshopper is based on the idea that buyers and sellers meet to finalize the deal. We therefore strongly recommend that our users meet when closing the deal, in order to avoid misunderstandings about the items appearance, size and condition. That way the buyer can see what the condition of the item is and the seller gets the money right away without the pitfalls of sending items and transferring money to strangers.

We’d like to urge that disagreements between buyers and sellers are discussed privately and to act civil.

I never received the items sent to me

Reshopper is built on the idea that items should not be sent by mail to avoid situations where the item or payment doesn’t reach it’s destination.

However if you still agreed with the seller that the items should be sent and does not arrive, you can do the following:

  1. Contact the seller again and demand the items be sent
  2. If the amount is large enough you can file a report with the police

Transferring money to a stranger is risky. The only way to get money back is to go to court and it is both time consuming and expensive.

We can only strongly recommend that you meet face to face to finalize the deal.