How to be a considerate buyer

It feels good to get a great deal. This doesn’t necessarily only apply to you as a buyer, however. There are a few things you can do to ensure that the deal is a good experience for both you and the seller.


The average value of children’s used items is relatively low. The seller’s profit are in many cases limited and most sellers view the act of selling as putting the items back in rotation, instead of storing or throwing them out. It’s good for the environment and for you as a buyer. This makes it important that the seller’s efforts are not overshadowed by the amount of time it takes to sell an item.

About bidding

Many Reshoppers price their items realistically. Because of this you might want to consider whether or not it’s appropriate to ask the seller to lower their price. If the item is reasonably priced, it’s not necessary to ask the seller for a discount, solely for the sake of getting a discount.

About shipping

Reshopper is a local marketplace where you meet face-to-face instead of mailing items. This is the reason many people are selling their children’s things on Reshopper; it saves time. They don’t expect to be asked if they’re able to ship. So please refrain from asking the seller to ship items.

Questions about the item

You may have a question or two about an item but if you have a lot of questions about it, you should consider whether or not it’s quicker to just swing by and take a look at it.